Click for the Minutes of the Special Meeting held in Bendigo 12 November 2016.

Click for the Minutes of the 2016 AGM held in Alice Springs 20 - 21 August 2016.

Click for the Minutes of the 2015 AGM held in Brisbane 22 - 23 August 2015.

Click for the Minutes of the Special Meeting (Telecon) held 15 January 2015.

Click for the Minutes of the Special Meeting held in Bendigo 15 November 2014.

Click for the Minutes of the Special Meeting (Telecon) held 1 October 2014.

Click for the Minutes of the 2014 AGM held in Wollongong 23 - 24 August 2014.

Click for the Minutes of the 2013 AGM held in Canberra 9 - 11 August 2013.
The next AGM will be held in Perth, WA on Friday 19th to Sunday 21st August 2017. This meeting is being hosted by Council of Motoring Clubs of WA Inc.
Please contact CMC WA Secretary email for further information.
Click for the AHMF Constitution dated September 2013
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Click for the February 2014 Newsletter.
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Click for the June 2014        Newsletter.
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Click for the July 2014        Newsletter.
General Information
The Preserve - Newsleter of the Council of Motor Clubs, The Vital Link for Motoring Clubs
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2020 AHMF National Tour - see separate page
The AHMF is well underway in organising the 2020 AHMF National Tour. This event has generated a lot of "chatter", so much so that there are some of our younger members are setting their restoration deadline for this event, knowing they will be one of the "Under 25 year old" attendees. A lot of people also thought there would never be another national event and they are excited to know there will be. ... And this is even without a flyer.

The tour is heading to the beautiful Albury / Wodonga area.  The State Councils / Federations will get you here and back home again.  The AHMF will then look after you for the week while you take in some of the sights in and around the border area.

Please promote this event when you are on a weekend away car event, at meetings, any time you can. It is now less than 3 years away, a long time you say!!, trust me the time will pass very quickly. We are fully aware that people have to plan and budget.

We are still working toward finding a major sponsor for the event. Once this has been locked in, we will be able to finalise the itinerary and costs. We will get this out to you as soon as we possibly can.

In the mean-time  -ALL input is encouraged, wanted and appreciated.

Click for the May 2015        Newsletter.
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Click for the June 2016 Newsletter.

Click for the December 2015 Newsletter.

Click for the October 2015   Newsletter.
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Click for the June 2017   Report.
                                        Report Q1 CHMC
                                        Report Q1 CMC WA
                                        Report Q1 FHMC SA
                                        Report Q1 FVVHVC
                                        Report Q1 NTMC
                                        Report Q1 QHMC
                                        Report Q2 CMC WA
                                        Report Q2 FVVHVC
                                        Report Q2 QHMC
                                        Report Q3 QHMC
                                        Report Q4 CHMC
                                        Report Q4 QHMC
                                        Letter to AHMF Re: Leaded Fuels
National Motoring Heritage Day - see separate page
National Motoring Heritage Day is an initiative of Australian Historic Motoring Federation, with the aim being to promote and display Australia's strong motoring heritage and also show the community, business and government the strength of the Australian historic motoring movement.
Held on the 3rd Sunday in May each year.

Vehicle entries for this year's Bay to Birdwood Run will open in June 2018. Please read over the event regulations to see if your vehicle is eligible.
Fri 25, Sat 26 & Sun 27 May 2018

42nd Historic Winton, Winton Motor Raceway, near Benalla, Victoria.

Conducted by the Austin 7 Club Inc. A0003290N

with assistance from the Historic Motorcycle Racing Association Vic

Gates will open at 8 am for public ... non stop track side action from 8.30 - 4.30 both days. Plenty of heritage themed displays to be seen around the track perimeter.
Full event schedule will be posted on the website soon.   
Historic Winton Honouring the Past - Australia's largest and most popular all-historic motor race meeting presents two big days of non-stop racing featuring over 400 historic racing cars and motorbikes from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Festivities start on Friday 25th May with the Benalla and District Classic Car & Motorbike Tour, followed by the Historic Race and Heritage Display which will be held an Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May 2018.

The 42nd Historic Winton Anniversary and Special Features List includes :

110 years - Ford Model T including Speedsters,
90 years -  Morris Minor 1928- 1934, First Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island,  
80 years - Ford Prefect, Humber Super Snipe, AJS Matchless Silver Streak, Peugeot 202, Standard Eight, Volkswagen Beetle, Wolseley 14/60, 1938 Grand Prix at Mt Panorama,
70 years - Austin A70 Hampshire and Hereford, Austin A90 Atlantic, Citroen 2CV, Jaguar XK 120, Porsche 356, Singer SM 1500, Morris Minor 1948-1971, Sunbeam Talbot 90, Vauxhall Velox and Wyvern, Wolseley 6/80, Aston Martin DB1, Holden 48/215 (FX), Land Rover,
60 years - Austin A40 Farina, Austin Healey Sprite, Chevrolet Impala, Morris Major, Austin Lancer, Rover P5, Wolseley 15/60, Formula Junior, 
50 years - Holden HK, Holden Kingswood, Holden Monaro, Ford Falcon XT, AMC Javelin, Renault 6, Peugeot 504, Volvo 164, Sydney to London Matrathon.
Special Feature- Emergency Vehicle Display- veteran, vintage and classic police cars, fire engines, ambulances and any or all other emergency vehicles are welcome.
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